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The new RSA 2625-TB Random Semi-Automatic Case Sealer is a heavy duty operator-fed machine that automatically adjusts for each size case processed. Designed to offer faster processing speeds with improved pneumatics, it features the ET Xtreme™ tape head that safely provides optimal tape application and wipe down.


IPG is a major integrated provider of both carton sealing tape (packing tape) and carton sealing machines and dispensers. We are committed to providing timely automated system solutions and have a wide variety of standard case sealers for quick delivery. Heavy duty construction, dual column design, oversized gear motors, and low maintenance are the hallmarks of Interpack packaging machines.

Interpack Brand Packaging Systems

Interpack provides a packaging equipment solution for every application and budget. First, evaluate an application to help determine which style of machine is required. Then, select a carton sealing machine to improve productivity, reduce labor, reduce material usage and improve ergonomics.

As a leading manufacturer of tabletop water-activated tape (WAT) dispensers used in carton sealing, IPG's Better Packages® product line includes auto-dispensing electric machines that are used in high volume fulfillment centers. Manual WAT dispensers are typically used as a low volume packaging solution. For more information, visit

Interpack’s USA Series (Uniform Semi-Automatic) case sealers are adjustable, operator fed machines that process same-sized RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) style cases. UA series (Uniform Automatic) case sealers are operator-free machines that process same sized cases by folding the top four flaps of RSC style cases and taping both the top and bottom of the cases. These machines are required when consistent production flow rates exceed manual processing ability or when automatic case packing is utilized.

Uniform Case Sealer
Random Case Sealer

When your manufacturing produces different sized cases to be processed through a single case sealer, an Interpack random case sealer is your answer. RSA Series (Random Semi-Automatic) case sealers are operator-fed machines that automatically adjust for each size case processed. RA (Random Automatic) case sealers are an operator-free machine that processes random sized cases in succession. These machines will sequence the cases entering the machine, adjust for length, width and height of the case then seal the case both top and bottom.

Interpack Case Erectors form RSC- or HSC-style cases by pneumatically folding the bottom four flaps and seal the bottom center seam with pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape. Automated case erecting improves productivity, addresses the effects of strain related illness, and its compact size conserves valuable floor space.

Tape heads hold long rolls of carton sealing tape (packing tape) in a carton sealing machine. HSD® tape heads are available in standard speed and high-speed configurations to upgrade any application. Interpack brand tape heads stand for quality, performance, reliability, durability and value.

As the market leader for water-activated tape (gummed tape, paper tape, kraft tape), IPG’s commitment continues with state-of-the-art tabletop dispensers. The superior line of Better Packages WAT Dispensers is the choice of many top internet retailers.

Wat Dispensers - Gummed Tape Dispensers

If you’re using short rolls of pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape (packing tape) for shipping, packaging, moving or other applications, we have a solution of hand held tape dispensers (tape guns) in many sizes and types for your needs.


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