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Curby products offer peace of mind that your package is sustainably sourced, securely shipped, and curbside recyclable. Join Curby and do your part to support a healthy planet.
Curby - Curbside Friendly Products


At IPG we understand the needs of today’s dynamic and changing E-Commerce packaging & fulfillment environment. Whether you’re a 3PL, an Internet Retailer, a Mail Order/Catalog provider or managing your own fulfillment operation, we have the products you need to keep your supply chain humming. The E-Commerce market uses a diverse mix of packaging and protective solutions – IPG represents the most comprehensive source!

IPG's packaging automation solutions, including our case sealing machinery, can improve your packaging operation with lower costs and higher efficiency. Plus, our printed tapes can help you create customized packaging solutions while ensuring the security of each package. Our dedication to packaging doesn’t stop there – IPG can also bundle, unitize and protect your containers with our stretch film, shrink film, void fill and bundling solutions.


The PaperSpace X-Pad™ produces paper cushioning at a rapid speed of approximately 180 feet/minute. With a revolutionary small footprint, the X-Pad comes in two highly productive configurations: a floor model and a table model. Both can be used with various paper basis weights, one ply and two ply. The table side stand has a unique design that maximizes workstation space. Cushioning produced by X-Pad is 100% curbside recyclable!


As an innovative and curbside recyclable solution in protective packaging, IPG is pleased to introduce Curby Fragile Wrap, a paper cushioning material, made from PEFC certified paper, for wrapping glassware, ceramics, cosmetics, electronics and anything fragile. The Curby Fragile Wrap Mini Packing Station has a small footprint and increases overall operational and pack efficiency without the need for automation. See more information below. Watch the Video



Polyair AirSpace G-Series machines provide void fill solutions for low- to high-volume E-Commerce Packaging operations with a small footprint and light weight for portability. Created with the operator in mind, the AirSpace G6 System produces air pillows and bubble film when you need them. AirSpace film comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses – available in custom tinted film and one-color print. Bubble film is available in 1500’ rolls, and upon inflation, makes 12” x 12” bubble-on-demand sheets.


Paper void fill and cushioning is versatile, cost-effective, easy-to-use and eco-friendly. PaperSpace Paper Systems, powered by Nuevopak, feature patented technology driving unmatched performance. Rapid throughput speeds, anti-jamming technology, and easy loading improves pack station uptime. Plus, void fill and cushioning produced by PaperSpace Paper Systems are 100% curbside recyclable! 


For E-Commerce businesses growing exponentially, automation is the answer! IPG’s focus on automation in the E-Commerce Fulfillment industry begins with the ability to bottom tape boxes that are going to be filled with a variety of different shaped products. IPG can accomplish this with pressure-sensitive and water-activated tape (in long roll form) designed to support the automation process recommended.


As the market leader for water-activated tape, IPG’s commitment continues with our complete line of Better Pack™ brand WAT dispensers, trusted by many top internet retailers. Independent testing shows that water-activated tape dispensers are 21% more productive than hand-held tape guns, and water-activated tape is highly considered the most secure way to seal a box!


When it comes to sealing boxes, IPG is the only manufacturer to offer all four types of packaging tape: Water-Activated Tape, Natural Rubber, Acrylic and Hot Melt. Each type of tape offers unique benefits in cost, efficiency, strength, security and printability. These benefits, along with the choice of automation versus manual or electric tape dispensers should be carefully considered when selecting the tape for your packaging operation. 


IPG's shrink films are among the leading lines of premium shrink film in the packaging industry. Our experienced team of technical sales professionals can provide solutions to reduce packaging costs, improve package appearance, and increase output. IPG’s Exlfilm options have you covered!


When your package rolls off your packaging line and is on its way to your warehouse, IPG knows how important security is to you. We produce high performance machine-applied and hand-applied stretch films with a superior load-holding capacity, very high puncture and tear resistance, and high cling levels. At IPG, we’ve got your palletizing, bundling and unitizing needs wrapped up!


IPG provides a complete range of Polyair mailers that match the growing E-Commerce service complexity, including:

  • Ecolite® Kraft Bubble Mailer
  • Fastpak® Polyethylene Courier Mailer
  • Xpak® Polyethylene Bubble Mailer
Curby Mailers


The latest and most innovative protective mailer on the market, the Curby™ Mailer is lined with HexcelWrap™ hexagonally shaped paper which offers substantial benefits over traditional wrapping materials.


Paper-based curbside recyclable insulation material laminated to "direct food contact" paper to provide the most sustainable Cold Chain solution available.


Security of the package in the E-Commerce Fulfillment industry is a requirement. Confidence in your supplies' ability to ensure that the product gets to the doorstep is essential. IPG’s water-activated tape, together with a host of printed pressure-sensitive tapes, are designed to offer tamper-evidence and a strong seal, keeping packages from opening accidentally during shipment and protects their contents. In the case of water-activated tape, reinforced fibers come together with adhesive that double bonds and welds to the surface, becoming part of the box!

What is WAT - More Info


  • Better, faster, stronger than pressure-sensitive packing tape (view demo video)
  • Only one strip is needed to produce a sturdy, tamper-evident seal
  • Difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering
  • Easy to print on (advertise your brand)
  • Retains integrity if punctured
  • Can be used in dusty or dirty environments
  • Maintains seal in extremes of cold, heat, light, humidity
  • Recyclable
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