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IPG's UL-listed tapes meet building and construction codes and help increase efficiency by minimizing air distribution loss. Watch the fabrication and installation of an HVAC duct box using IPG's UL181 A-P/B-FX Aluminum Foil Tape.


HVAC InstallationIPG offers a complete line of products specifically engineered to meet the most stringent requirements of the HVAC industry. From our dead soft aluminum foil tapes and metallized film tapes to our extensive industrial tape and films product offering, IPG has your solution!

  • Products engineered for a wide range of applications and environments
  • UL-listed products to meet building and construction codes
  • Water, smoke and mold-resistant products
  • Moisture barrier products for use on foil jacketing insulation
  • IPG HVAC products can help increase efficiency and meet sustainability goals by minimizing air distribution loss
HVAC Tapes



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