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IPG’s specialty fabrics include agricultural covers (farm tarps, hay covers), banner fabric, disaster relief tents, and insulation facing/vapor barrier.


Agricultural Covers / Farm Tarps
Directly applied to agricultural products such as hay, grain or cotton, Novathene® agricultural covers (farm tarpshay covershay tarps, crop coversgrain coverssilage covers) are UV stabilized for year round and repeated seasonal protection from rain and sunlight. Novathene fabrics are available in a variety of colors, with advanced technology providing superb color fastness. Made in North America, Novathene is designed with the needs of the end user in mind.

Banner Fabric
EcoMedia is a polyethylene (PE) printing substrate for large-format installations, such as billboards. Best in class in terms of durability, also delivers the printability performance to satisfy even the most demanding advertisers. 

Disaster Relief Tents
When natural disasters (hurricanes, flood, earthquakes and tsunamis) strike anywhere in the world there is often an immediate need to provide shelter for displaced citizens. Governmental and non-governmental agencies provide tarpaulins that can be converted into temporary tents. IPG’s woven polyethylene fabrics have been used in this application because of their durability, safety and the privacy that they provide.

Insulation Facing/Vapor Barrier
Owners of pre-engineered metal building appreciate that performance of IPG Type 9300 and Type 9700B vapor barriers provide. These features include a) a bright, white finish to improve interior lighting, b) excellent vapor barrier protection to keep insulation dry, maintaining R-Value and reducing energy cost, c) industry leading flame-retardant properties for an extra measure of safety. Type 9300 is a general purpose weight whereas Type 9700 is a heavier weight product that can be part of a fall protection roofing insulation system.


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