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Finding the right industrial tape dispenser for your needs has never been easier with our full line of packing tape dispensers (tape guns) from IPG.


IPG's selection of industrial tape dispensers ranges from general purpose to heavy-duty. Whether you’re shipping, packaging, sealing bags, bonding substrates or dispensing labels, we have a solution of hand-held tape guns and desktop dispensers in many sizes and types for all your packaging needs.

IPG Tape Dispenser

Designed to fit tape with any size core and are excellent for applying packing tape (shipping tape), filament tape, masking tape, flatback tape and more. Reduces noise and is quieter on the tape unwind.

Ergonomically designed packing tape ;dispensers that reduce fatigue and provide a comfort molded finger grip.

Heavy metal construction is ideal for cutting filament tape. Also suitable for strapping tapemasking tapeflatback tape and carton sealing tape.

Lightweight hand held packing tape dispenser utilized for the closing and sealing of cartons, boxes, and packages. Easy to use, the operator can control unwind tension of the tape.

Durable, easy to use table top tape dispenser design can be used with most types of tape.

Durable, small table top tape dispenser can be used with most types of tapes.

A hand-held device which assists in the dispensing and application of reverse-wound acrylic adhesive transfer tape on cards, samples and swatches.

As the market leader for water-activated tape (gummed tape), IPG’s commitment continues with state-of-the-art tabletop Better Packages WAT dispensers, providing the essential solution to secure packaging.

Ideally suited for packing produce, small parts, candy, newspapers, bakery products, and more. Uses 3⁄8” polyvinyl (PVC) tape and comes equipped with a bag trimmer.


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1987 Manual Definite Length Dispenser
1992 Desktop Dispenser
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